What Would You Change About Your Hometown

It is critically important that we stop polluting my hometown, Hong Kong. Personally, I believe that polluting the environment is a very evil thing to do. I believe there are three things we can do to stop pollution. First, stop the factories from emitting bad gas and letting out waste. Second, we should recycle our trash in the recycle bin. Finally, we should stop using too much electricity.

To begin with, there are some disadvantages of doing these three things. People won’t be that comfortable in their homes or anywhere around the world. This is because they are asked to do inconvenient things

However, doing these things have advantages too. I will now discuss the advantages in the next few paragraphs.

The air in the environment will be much cleaner because factories are not polluting any more harmful gases. This will benefit us as our lungs will breathe in more clean air. This results in us living longer than average, as we won’t breathe in too much vehicle gas. Having clean air can reduce the chance of getting lung cancer too. Ultimately, people would be healthier than ever.

Recycling our garbage is a good thing to do for the world. This is because our landfills will decrease after a certain amount of time with everybody recycling. As the garbage will decompose from time to time. This greatly benefits our world as the sea animals won’t get killed by plastic bags and other trash.

This all leads to one important thing. Wildlife will be rich and the soil of farms will be fertilized. Most importantly, the air we breathe in will be more oxygenated and healthier for our bodies.

In conclusion, I would stop all the factories in the world, and make it illegal to throw rubbish everywhere. Last but not least, change the normal rubbish cans to recycle bins. This is what I want to change about my hometown.